barn & gardens - Soggy Bottom's barn allows a lot of flexibility in how animals are partitioned and managed during various stages of the site's development, breeding cycles, and the seasons of the year.

On the "people side" of the barn, there is ample storage for materials, minerals, hay, equipment, and a covered play area for the kids. On the "animal side" of the barn, there are four main rooms with access to various paddocks. The paddocks are connected to each other as well as to pastures of the main field. Some paddocks contain garden areas that can be plowed by pigs or weeded by geese depending on the current stage of its crops. The magic of making it work lies in finding the pattern of opening and closing the correct gates.

In the barn, all of our animals have free choice access to various minerals and herbs, which they use in varying amounts depending on the season, the state of vegetation on site, the moon cycle, their breed, gender and gestational stage. 

The main garden around the house is currently reserved for people, fruit, veggies, mushrooms, ducks, and geese with very young goslings in the Spring. We also have visitors here from time to time, such as bummer lambs, a young bottle calf, and the occasional guineas and turkeys that scale the fence to share the ducks' dinner.