cats - During the 2015/16 Winter, we had many a discussion about adding a barn cat to the farm to curb the mouse-appeal. At the same time, we worried about raising free-ranging chicks in the presence of sharp claws. How would that work!?

Before we got to any conclusion, Nova sounded the alarm one night and we found a small cat in the garden. He had beautiful fur but was scrawny and injured. "Midnight" adopted the barn right away and decided to stay.

Luckily, the first time he was about to pounce one of our orphan birds, he was nabbed right as he prepared to pounce and hasn't offered to touch a bird since. We are very pleased whenever we see him swallow a mouse whole though.

By special request, I have to also post a picture of our "other cat", the D2 Cat dozer (coming soon). Sheltered in a corner of the equipment shed, it is waiting to purr in some future earth moving projects. Would you know that its diesel engine is started by a small gasoline engine which, in turn, is started with a pull string similar to that on a lawnmower? If you did, you know more about engines than we did when we moved here!