certifications - Soggy Bottom uses No Weird Stuff in their practices. "No Weird Stuff" is currently a pledge of purity from Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont. This philosophy fits our own so we have added it to our farm, too.

We are also currently (2015) pursuing the grassfed certification by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). We chose AWA because they currently are the only grassfed certification agency that places demands on farmers regarding not only what their animals eat but also how the animals live and die. All practices must meet stringent requirements ensuring the animals' welfare during their lifetime and slaughter, as well as the grassfed quality of the final product.

Soggy Bottom's philosophy is in line with grassroots organization that benefits small farms and communities. In this spirit, we plan to pursue "Certified Naturally Grown" (CNG) as a community level certification in the near future. As part of its certification, CNG has its member farmers inspected by fellow member farmers on an annually rotated schedule. 

Please keep checking back for our progress.