fowl - Soggy Bottom is home to Welsh Harlequin ducks, Toulouse geese, Red Burbon turkeys, and a few guineas. We are excited that chickens are going to join us soon!

Our birds free range on pasture and in the garden. So far, we have had to trim only the turkeys' wings when they have ventured over to the neighbors too many times. The geese fly well but have only visited the neighbors a few times. They figured out to stay on the farm since then. Our best guess is that geese are more like sheep and turkeys are more like goats that way.

We are currently raising most of our birds to select for thriftiness on pasture as well as successful, independent parenting. We count ourselves lucky to have friendly and non-agressive geese and turkeys so far. This makes selecting for those traits a non-issue. The ducks could be a bit less timid, and the guineas a bit less neurotic. I guess this, too, falls into the category of a goat will be a goat will be a goat - and not a sheep... 

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