pigs - Mangalitsa pigs are a heritage lard breed. They are known for their curly winter wool, ease of keeping, and marbled meat. The latter earned the breed the title of being the Kobe beef of the pig world. Mangalitsa fat is said to be healthier than many other animal fats and has especially good keeping quality without going rancid.

Soggy Bottom's Mangalitsa pigs go to pasture, roam the forest, and lounge in wallows in the wetland. They enjoy yogurt, kitchen, and meat scraps when available, are curious and very, VERY friendly. They love a walk, a talk and a good scratch just about any time. Pigs being pigs though, they keep the mud (or fresh cow pie) on their noses when they greet you.

Our first two litters arrived in the Fall 2015. Given the longer time needed to grow the marble into their ham, we expect our first pig slaughter just in time for Christmas 2016. This is rather difficult to think about seriously because those little piggies are just sooo cute!

Let us know if you are interested either in pork or in raising a weaned barrow yourself to give Mangalitsas a try!