sheep - Soggy Bottom is home to a flock of American Blackbelly sheep. They are a heritage breed of hair sheep with a high natural resistance to parasites. We especially like that they behave very goat-like but lack a pushy attitude. They are also delicious when grown, with no muttony taste whatsoever. This deliciousness comes at a price though, because to reach a weight worth the cost of slaughter on pasture alone, American Blackbellies need to be at least one and a half years to two years of age. 

American Blackbelly ewes are great mothers and know what they can and cannot handle. During a Winter lamb flush, a few ewes rejected one of their twin lambs. Those tame bottle babies have taught us a lot about how to spot potential problems with the remaining semi-wild flock.

Sheep improve the habitat for cattle by having parasites that are incompatible with those of cattle, by eating weeds out of the pasture, and by accepting tick bites. Ticks prefer biting sheep, and sheep are immune to tick borne disease.