about - Soggy Bottom's mission is to raise food of exceptional quality by farming regeneratively and ethically, and fostering healthy diversity.

Our goal is for the inhabitants of Soggy Bottom to maintain good health through inter-species synergy. This will enable the work we do to benefit many, to grow easier with time, and to inspire.

Six years prior to our taking ownership, the land had been used for commercial grass seed and hay production. Since taking over the stewardship of the property in the Fall of 2013, we have employed regenerative farming practices that qualify as organic or better, and have acquired low maintenance heritage breeds of animals. Our initial focus is on increasing animal and plant diversity.

Some of the people who have inspired us either in person or through their publications are Don Tipping, Temple Grandin, Mark Shepard, Newman Turner, Sepp Holzer, Paul Stamets, and many more that share a similar philosophy.